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Super Junior D&E releases teaser images for Let’s Get It On!

Let's Get It On

Have you ever wonder why did Donghae and Eunhyuk stayed in the US even though all the other members had left? They were actually getting their music video filmed  ready for their fans on September 30th! As said before the sub-unit will be making their awaited sub-unit comeback in Japan after 6 months with their 4th single Let’s Get It On! Although there’s still a month away from the actual release, however the teaser images are released; giving hints to E.L.Fs about their newest concept! Without further ado check out their teaser images for Let’s Get It On!

Meanwhile along with the rest of the Super Junior members they are working towards releasing their special repackage album ready for sometime next month as well. Are you ready?


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  1. love you dong hae oppa

    I love you D&E.
    waiting for LET’S GET IT ON

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