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Girls’ Generation are Dancing Queens on Weekly Idol!

Girls’ Generation showed us their amazing dance skills with a competition on today’s episode of Weekly Idol, as Sooyoung wished to try dancing to other idol group’s dances! The dancing competition started off with the Eye Smile Queen Tiffany, showing her aegyo while dancing to Apink’s Mr. Chu. Next contestant our Shikshin Sooyoung showed us the cool side of her, with miss A’s Only You. The game continues with the previous contestants and our adorable and innocent maknae Seohyun, dancing cutely to the Sistar’s Shake It. As the game goes on our pretty visual Yoona joined, showing the youthful side of the group they danced to their hoobae’s hit single, Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet. Instead of sitting down viewing the competition, Yuri came by and joined Yoona with her manly dance to SHINee’s newest song “View”! The competition ends with Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona showing their super sexy side with seductive moves from EXID’s Up And Down!

Be sure to check out the competition above if you haven’t!

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