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Super Junior gathered around showing love towards each other!

Although it hasn’t been long since we last saw a group photo of Super Junior, however it has been a long time since they took a group photo with almost every single member in it themselves.

Few hours ago, Eunhyuk posted a group photo of Super Junior members enjoying their time together eating! Although it may be a usual thing that an idol group gathers and eat together; however it is extremely difficult for these boys as they are busy with solo activities, sub-unit activities, military services and more. Therefore it is a really precious moment for the boys themselves as well as their fans, who wanted to see the boys’ group photo for ages. Although the photo might not have all 13+2 members of Super Junior and M, I am sure that everybody will cherish this special moment that Super Junior is having right now!

In other news: Super Junior’s Devil tops KKBOX Taiwan’s Korean Album Charts for 51 days in a row!

Meanwhile Super Junior will be releasing their 10th Anniversary Special Album Part.2 later on the month, stay tuned for more updates!

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