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Monsta X release new comeback track, ‘Rush’!

The ‘monsta’ rookies of K-Pop, Monsta X are back with a brand new mini album, ‘Rush’!

Releasing ‘Rush’ as their title track, it shows a different side of Monsta X from what they showed us with their debut music video ‘Trespass’. The music video is bright and colourful, contrasting with their first video mainly focusing on black and white. The styling of the members of Monsta X are entirely different, such as Jooheon having bright red hair and Wonho having caramel brown hair and styling it uniquely!

The song itself has a catchy hook with a funky synthesised sound to it, and repeating the phrase ‘broom broom’ as if they are driving a motorcycle! The dance moves are as eye catching as ‘Trespass’ but not showing a hardcore side to them but more toned down ‘ bad-boy’ style.

Check out the music video here!

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