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[Learn with NowKPop] What is Chu-Seok?

CLC in Hanbok

Its the time of the year! It’s Chu-Seok!

Many of you K-Poppers probably heard or seen idols posting pictures and saying happy Chu-Seok, leaving some of you wondering, WHAT IS CHU-SEOK? Don’t worry if you don’t know, NowKPop will get you covered!

Chu-Seok (์ถ”์„) is a 3 day festival celebrated in Korea and is one of the most important festivals in Korea! Chu-Seok’s original name wasย ํ•œ๊ฐ€์œ„, meaning the middle of autumn in the ancient times. This festival starts at the 15th day of the eightย on the Lunar Calendar and ends at the 18th. And yes, it is held at the same day as the mid-autumn festival celebrated in China, which is also a harvest festival like Chu-Seok to celebrate a great year of harvest of crops!

During Chu-Seok, Koreans will go visit their ancestors and bring them special foods, and this is called Charye! They also eat a special pastry called SeongPyeong (์†กํŽธ) which stands for rice cakes with various stuffings filled inside, the stuffings include red beans,chestnuts,walnuts and much more! Hangwa (Korean pastry) is also eaten in this special occasion,though it is not specifically for Chu-Seok.

Pink's Chorong made some Seongpyeon
Pink’s Chorong made some SeongPyeon

In Chu-Seok, Koreans also wear their Handbooks and gather with their families to celebrate such a great festival. It is also said that in Chu-Seok, the moon is the most round and beautiful!

Up10tion in Hanbok
CLC in Hanbok
CLC in Hanbok

Now lets enjoy Chu-Seok and go look at the moon with your loved ones!

What are your Chu-Seok experiences? Share them in the comments section below!




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