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[TRENDING] Lovelyz finally gets to perform as a full group!

Lovelyz’s fans are ecstatic as Seo Jisoo finally made her debut with the group today on Mnet’s M! Countdown! 

Due to a controversial rumour of Jisoo raping and assaulting numerous females, Jisoo was unable to make her debut with the group last year with the track Candy Jelly Love. As the rumours were clarified, people who spread the malicious rumours were penalised; and our lovely Jisoo can finally return and perform with her group members!

Many fans were delighted about Jisoo’s return and we sincerely hope that Jisoo can move on from the depression that she suffered and enjoy the up coming stages that she can have with her group members.

Below are some comments that fans gave about Jisoo’s return!
I almost cry when I saw ‪#‎러블리즈‬ ‪#‎서지주‬ Lovelyz Seo Ji Soo first live performance..
^^ fighting Jisoo 🙂
I’m so happy that jisoo is finally performing on stage together
OMG ! Seo Jisoo so beautiful ><
Welcome back Jisoo. Finally OT8 on stage and make Lovelyz a complete group now.
Welcome back JiSoo!!
Hoping for Lovelyz 1st win! Also happy for Jisoo, she can finally perform on stage~

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