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[Album Review] Kyuhyun – ‘Fall, Once Again’



1. 밀리언조각 (A Million Pieces) {Title Track}

2. 좋은사람 (Remember Me)

3. 긴 팔 (Autumn Sleeves)

4. 피아노 숲 (Piano Forest)

5. 그냥 보고 싶어 그래 (Because I Miss You)

6. 바람 (Wind)

7. 안녕의 방식 (Ways to Say Goodbye)

Next generation Prince Ballad Kyuhyun is finally back with his second mini album “Fall, Once Again” including a total of seven songs full of colourful emotions. Similar to his first mini album, Kyuhyun’s second mini “Fall, Once Again” composes of seven ballad tracks, all telling a story. 

01) 밀리언조각 (A Million Pieces)
Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by Kenzie

The title track “A Million Pieces”  is once again composed, written and arranged by one of the most well-known composers Kenzie. Kenzie contributed to the title track by participating in the song writing process, composing process, and the song arranging process. In order to bring out a fresh track, Kenzie mixed in aspects of the modern pop music into the depressing ballad track. With the classical and sophisticated melody, the essence of pop ballads blended in very well with Kyuhyun’s sweet vocals. To learn more about the depressing love story be sure to check out the title track!

02) 좋은사람 (Remember Me)
Composed & Lyrics by Jung Joon Il
Arranged by: Gang Hwa Seong

Remember Me? This heartbreaking ballad tells a painful breakup story of a man, who wants to be remembered only the best of him. Although he fled away and left his beloved, however he still continues to love her. Along with the heartbreaking lyrics, the electric piano sound and orchestra served as the instrumental, showcasing the best side of the song.

03) 긴 팔 (Autumn Sleeves)

Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by: Bug Bu Geum

Slipping in some long sleeve shirts from your closet, but recalls the breakup of your lover? “Autumn Sleeves” is again a depressing track which talks about the chilly weather where a person slips on a long sleeve clothing from their closet; however recalls to mind that autumn is the time of their breakup. In order to maximize the crestfallen feeling of the song, the nylon guitar served as the instrumental building up the feeling of autumn and sadness at the same time. 

04) 피아노 숲 (Piano Forest)

Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by: 4번타자 

Just like the title, “Piano Forest” includes beautiful notes played by the piano. The light medium tempo bossa nova song brings out the beautiful piano melody as well as the feeling of walking in a dreamlike autumn forest. Along with the beautiful piano melody and the dreamlike atmosphere, Kyuhyun’s sweet voice, blends very well with the song, allowing the fairytale-like lyrics to stand out. 

05) 그냥 보고 싶어 그래 (Because I Miss You)

Composed & Lyrics by: 4번타자, Kim Seong Jong
Arranged by: 4번타자

Through out this depressing ballad track, the soft and sweet vocals of Kyuhyun help depict the story of a crestfallen guy, who misses the beautiful memories he had as a couple. No matter how hard he tries to get over the memories, tears kept on flowing, memories continued to grow inside his fragile heart. Along with the sad story, Kyuhyun’s soft and sweet voice, adds on to the soft and fragile piano notes; which helps to further express the heartbreaking emotions.

06) 바람 (Wind)

Composed & Arranged by: Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)
Lyrics by: Hwang Hyun, Agnes Shin (MonoTree)

Just like the wind, the piano and guitar flows smoothly, serving as the backing track. With the beautiful backing track, the beautiful lyrics flows just like the autumn breeze, bringing you to a natural autumn environment. A section of the Chopin- Etude Op. 10-3’s melody was added into the song, leading you to the calming autumn scene. By the end of the song you will find yourself singing along to the sound of the smooth autumn breeze. 

07) 안녕의 방식 (Ways to Say Goodbye)

Composed by: Kyuhyun
Arranged by: Yang Jae Seon
Lyrics by: Hwang Seong Jae (BJJMUSIC Hwang Gun Dan)

Moving towards the end of the album, “Ways to Say Goodbye” peacefully places a full-stop. Again this track is a beautiful yet depressing breakup track. However unlike the others, this track was composed by the singer Kyuhyun himself. Made out of peaceful piano and the gentle guitar, Kyuhyun brilliantly brings out the essence of the pop ballad genre. The lyrics are filled with emotional words, telling the story of a disheartening farewell. Yet the love of the guy stayed in his fragile heart. 

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