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F(x) Krystal reveals ‘f(x) 4 walls’!

F(x)’s Krystal recently uploaded a video of f(x)’s 4 walls exhibition on her Instagram account! The video says ‘Happy Birthday, Krystal.’ Looks like f(x)’s comeback will arrive very soon!

F(x) 4 walls is a exhibition hosted by SM Entertainment. The exhibit displays the teaser photos and videos of f(x)’s new comeback. For more information, check out their website http://fx.smtown.com/Intro/Exhibit/L!


Looks like f(x) might be going with the retro style!

tumblr_nwmn2d7pkQ1qbgdrko1_500 Victoriafx-victoria-4Krystal-fx2Krystal-fx3-540x810Krystal-fx4-540x810Krystal-fx-540x810

fx-victoria-2     Krystal-fx5-540x360 Krystal-fx6-540x364 Krystal-fx7-540x360  tumblr_nwksjtUvmq1qbgdrko1_1280 tumblr_nwksleIoXG1qbgdrko1_1280    1_5FF72652122844C7B77A882FD5436CFCfx-Photo-teaser-pour-4-Walls-Luna-1

tumblr_nwmn4k6pKB1qbgdrko1_500 fx-Photo-teaser-pour-4-Walls-Luna-5 tumblr_nwohta6b3L1qbgdrko1_500tumblr_nwmn52M3nM1qbgdrko1_500

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