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f(x) to hold their first solo concert since their debut in Jan 2016

SM Entertainment has confirmed on 28 October that f(x) will be holding their first solo concert since their debut in 2009. The dates are set to be January 30 and 31st in 2016 at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul. They will be performing all of their hit songs including their debut song ‘La Cha Ta‘ which was released in 2009.

This news has been receiving a lot of attention and love from fans who have been waiting for a concert by f(x) since their debut.

An insider, well-known for having accurate f(x) news and know as Ilgu by netizens, has said in early October that the four-member girl group will be having their first ever concert after their album release. This has now been proven to be true, indeed. The insider was later identified as a SM Entertainment staff.

The insider also said that f(x) will be getting an official fanclub name. This has been requested by f(x) fans for a long time because the girl group has not been having an official fanclub name since their debut 6 years ago. This news has yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, you can check out f(x)’s new comeback MV!

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