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Suzy attends press conference for new movie ‘Dorihwaga’ + juicy details!


On 29 October, Miss A‘s Suzy attended the movie press conference which took place Apujeong CGV Theater in Seoul, Korea for her new upcoming movie ‘Dorihwaga‘ AKA ‘The Sound of the Flower‘. This is her first movie after the project ‘The Architect‘, in which she earned her nickname ‘Country’s first love’.

Suzy also explained why she wanted to be in this movie. She said, ‘I had a lot of concerns about my next project.  The reason I chose ‘Dorihwaga‘ out of the others is that from the first time I laid eyes on the script, I wanted to do it so badly, and I cried when I saw it.  I don’t know why, but I got teary.   That is why I wanted to do it, and although I was very worried about pansori (traditional way of singing), I still wanted to try it.’ 

The sunbae who she worked with in the movie, Ryu Seung Ryong, praised her singing and for her profession attitude.

In this movie, Suzy will be playing a young girl disguised as a male in order to receive education from a scholar. This is not her first time playing a character like this! She has had similar experience in the drama ‘The Gu Family‘.

The movie is directed by director Lee Jong Pil  and will be out on 25 November! We look forward to seeing both her singing and acting skills again!



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