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[Album Review] IU – Chat-Shire

IU’s song ‘Knee’ is still a big hit among her fans and supporters. Her newest mini-album Chat – shire is attracting a positive attention from the audiences.

IU’s song ‘Knee’ was composed with a gentle piano melody. On her showcase last month on the 23rd, she stated before singing; “The song ‘knee’ is my personally favorite song among the songs in the album”.  Following after, she said that ‘she almost cried while recording’, and that ‘this feeling didn’t come up for a long time before this. ‘  “It ‘s really my story”, she concluded.

She explained that the reason she wrote the song ‘Knee’ was because; “including how to eat properly, I forgot the way to sleep. I wrote this song on those nights I couldn’t sleep, where I was angry at myself, sad.” She thought on what ways would make her fall asleep, and she came up with thinking sleeping on that knee would make her fall asleep well. “I was thinking of my grandmother”, she finalised.


The netizens often commented on how ‘addicting her song is’, how ‘good she wrote the song’ and cheered her on.


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