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IU’s song ‘Twenty-three’ accused of sampling Britney spears’ ‘Gimme more’.

IU’s bonus track song ‘Twenty-three’ in the new released mini album ‘Chat-Shire’ is currently being accused of using the sample from Britney Spears’ song called ‘Gimme More’ (released in 2007), without  the permission from Britney Spears.

One of the Britney Spears’ fan posted in a social media claiming that IU sampled the chorus of ‘Gimme more’ in Twenty-three’. More fans pointed out the ‘keep on rocking’ background voice in the background of ‘Twenty-three’, where Britney Spears’ voice is ‘said’ to be heard in the background.

IU’s record label Loen Tree stated that it wasn’t very clear on where the sample, in which music composer got it from. The debate on whether it was sampled or not has been going on since Tuesday, 3rd of November, and finally, Loen Tree official said that the label has contacted Britney Spears’ agency to confirm whether the suspicions are true.

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