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BTS’ comeback trailer for ‘Never Mind’ is released!

BTS are back again with another comeback track named ‘Never Mind’! BTS had multiple comebacks this year and now this is their 3rd one in total!

The track is performed mainly by member Suga as well as a small snippet of Rap Monster, showcasing their sick flow and powerful lyrics with meaning and their emotion behind their rap. The trailer is made in animation style and shows different styles throughout the whole teaser, in the beginning it is a black background with white lights everywhere to symbolise the BTS bomb lights that their fans use as well as there having a clip of fans chanting for an encore.

The video then continues on but changes to a cartoon-eque way of animation, making it look like a drawing come to life. The main character is a boy with no face and he follows after a blue butterfly which could be a metaphor for his hopes and aspirations as he is literally following them. He runs through the city and into a dark forest to find a dystopian land where its just black but with splashes of water colours everywhere, contrasting between the darkness surrounding.

The track also has a distinctive hook with the members chanting the words ‘Never Mind’ which are definitely going to be recognisable and memorable!

Check out BTS’ comeback trailer for Never Mind here!

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