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[Album Review] Nine Muses – ‘LOST’



1. a.m. 3:00

2. 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night) {Title}

3. 몰래 (Secret)


5. TO. MINE {Bonus Track}

6. 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night) (Inst.) 

Lost ’til the night is over…
Nine Muses returned with their fifth mini album “LOST”. The album consists of five different tracks filled with misery, yearns and sorrowful feelings…

01). a.m. 3:00
Composed & Arranged by e.one

“a.m. 3:00” starts off the emotional album.
Through this song the eight divas will bring you to their land of misery and sorrow… LOST

02). 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night) {Title}
Composed by Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom
Lyrics by: Brave Brothers
Arranged by: Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, Lee Jeong Min

The title track “Sleepless Night” marks Nine Muses’ first collaboration with well-known producer Brave Brothers. Unlike their previous title tracks, “Sleepless Night” gives off a rather depressing vibe, contrasting with their fun, sexy concept before. The song expresses the girls’ misery and lost after breaking up with her beloved. 

03). 몰래 (Secret)

Composed & Arranged by: Jeong Chang Ug
Lyrics by: Jeong Chang Ug, Eu Aerin

“Secret”… keep it low. If revealed it will be very embarrassing. Nine Muses once again collaborates with well-known producer Jeong Chang Ug for one of the side tracks of their fifth mini-album. “Secret”, a track which combines Nine Muses’ attractive vocals with sexy lyrics, highlights the pleasure and excitement a couple is experiencing behind the doors the doors during a playful night.


Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by: Kim Yu Seok (MonoTree), Chu Dae Gwan (MonoTree)
Rap Lyrics by: Eu Aerin, Park Ji Yeon

“KOONG CHIT DAK CHIT” is an upbeat side track from Nine Muses’ LOST. Unlike the sad, depressing title track; “KOONG CHIT DAK CHIT” is a much bolder track which talks about how a girl copes with her ex after their break up. Along with the strong and bold lyrics, the fun track and the artist’s attractive vocals will definitely hide your sadness away after a break up. 

05). TO. MINE {Bonus Track}

Composed & Arranged by: e.one
Lyrics by: 9MUSES
Rap by: Eu Aerin

To end the album Nine Muses prepared a bonus track as a Christmas present for their fans (MINE). The girls decided to thank their fans for the eternal love and support through out all these years; being with them during their darkest time and going through many memorable experiences with them.

06). 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night) (Inst.) 

Composed by Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom
Arranged by: Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, Lee Jeong Min

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