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[Single Review] APRIL – ‘Boing Boing’



1. 유리성 (Glass Castle)

2. Muah! {Title}

3. Muah! (Inst.)

April brought cuteness to the KPOP Industry in August 2015, with their debut mini album Dreaming. The title track Dream Candy is an up-tempo dance track which brings out the innocence of the young teenage girls. The girls are back once again after three months, with their first single album Boing Boing! In their newest single album, the April members would like to present us with a different concept, showing another side of the innocent girls. 

01). 유리성 (Glass Castle)
Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by e.one

“Green Castle” is an upbeat track which again brings out a unique fairy tale vibe which only April can bring out themselves. The guitar and strings stands out from the rhythmic track, giving us a mysterious feeling on what is going to be in their one and only Glass Castle. Along with the mysterious track, the five girls of April sang out their pure emotions through colourful and sweet vocals; and will bring you the warmest winter ever!

02). Muah! {Title}
Composed & Arranged by MachWave, Lee Jun Yeop
Lyrics by Mafly, The Sunday

The title track “Muah!” is the title-track of April’s first ever single album “Boing Boing”! The track aims to show us the group’s confidence and cheeky charms, bringing out the cute and adorable side of the girls. The sweet track tells the story of a girl who couldn’t wait anymore but to confess her feelings towards her crush. Through the repetition of the onomatopoeia “Muah!” April will not only grab your full attention, but to melt you in seconds. Nevertheless check out the upbeat title and allow the sweetness to melt you in seconds.  

03). Muah! (Inst.)

Composed & Arranged by MachWave, Lee Jun Yeop
Lyrics by Mafly, The Sunday

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