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Super Junior’s Siwon writes to his fans and family members from the military!


Siwon has updated his fans from the military, with a hand-written letter! Siwon enlisted to his mandatory military service as a conscripted policeman with fellow label mate Changmin two weeks ago; and he has now updated his fans and family of how he is doing currently.

Siwon wrote:

How are you? With the love and support from everyone of you, I am having a beneficial yet enjoyable time in the camp!

Let’s greet everybody first. Chungseong, 25th big team, 11th middle team 2nd small team 1st unit’s training soldier Choi Siwon! Isn’t it a really MOST-LIKE situation to greet you guys with a letter?  Honestly speaking, I felt very unfamiliar and nervous as this is my first time being in the military. However with everybody’s prayers and support I met a group of cool team members, and are currently producing an enjoyable yet memorable experience and memories. Ah right! I’ve just read all the emails u sent me, I was touched by every single word of support you gave me. And will definitely give me power and strength. Although I still have a lot to improve on, but I will continue with my hard work and will return with a cooler Siwon! Until then I hope you guys will continue on creating great memories in your life. I will be with you mentally! I love you all and please wait for my next letter!

Make sure you stay tuned for Siwon’s next letter!

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