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[BREAKING] MAMA stage is leaked?!!





Stage for MAMA 2015 in HONG KONG is leaked from a netizen who is claimed to be a staff working for MAMA which is happening. Many people are shocked by its amazing stage with a lot of special effects around the performing stage.

Here are finalised list of singers coming to MAMA tomorrow:

2NE1’s CL, 4MINUTE’s HyunA, Ailee, Big Bang, BTOB, BTS, EXO, f(x), Girls’ Generation TTS, GOT7, iKON, Jess, J.Y.Park, MONSTA X ,Pet Shop Boys, PSY, Red Velvet, San E, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, UP10TION, Zion.T

Make sure to check out the performances from live show or from V app!! Also, we will be having live updates as we will attend to MAMA 2015!

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