[BREAKING] SM released 26 albums this year?!!

Including all the digital singles, SM released 26 albums in total this year, this is quite a lot of songs produced in one single year. Here is the list which shows the amount of albums.


January – 1  (Jonghyun)

February – 1 (Amber)

March – 4 (Super Junior, D&E, Red Velvet, EXO)

April – 2 (Girl’s Generation, M&D)

May – 2 (Boa, Shinee)

June – 1 (EXO)

July – 3 (Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ)

August – 2 (Shinee, Girl’s Generation)

September – 3 (Red Velvet, Super Junior, Jonghyun)

October – 3 (Taeyeon, Jonghyun, F(x))

November – 1 (Kyuhyun)

December – 3 (TTS, EXO, unknown)

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