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[Music Monday] Songs to combat the Monday Blues!

Music Monday is an all new segment for all K-Pop lovers to combat the sadness caused by the MONDAY BLUES! We will compile a set of KPop each week which will hopefully be able to kickstart your week with positivity and energy! Now get your earphones and let the blast of awesome music take you away! MUSIC START!

Full Playlist :

Our first and featured track is from ‘Big Byung’, a project group formed by Jung Hyun Dong and DefConn (Coni and Doni), their song ‘Stress Come On’ talks about all the stress that we have to face in life and it is definitely able to kickstart our stressful Monday! We then have a lovely OST ‘Spring is gone by chance’ sung by GFriend’s Yuju and Loco bringing us the lovely feeling of hearts fluttering to kill off our stress! Other tracks includes BTS’ Dope which talks about how they work hard each day and how they are different from other man as well as Eternity from VIXX, Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb and CLC’s Pepe!

Music Monday start!

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