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[HOT] EXO’s “Sing For You” Music Video is finally out!

23sdopfThe long awaited is finally here. EXO‘s new Christmas comeback album is out! “Sing for You” is the title of the mini Christmas record, but it is also the name  of one of the five tracks that have been released. The music video was also just released! It is set in black and white, with the concept of the video based on the famous poem “The Astronaut’s Whale“,  about the friendship between a Whale and an astronaut, but the whale had to go back to the ocean, and leave space. However, they assured each other that they would stay friends despite the distance because they were there for each other through hardships and struggles. With the music video containing the boys going through happy times and hardships, fans speculate that this is symbolic of the Chinese members that left the band, and how EXO have completely let go of the past and moved on- none of that matters to EXO, what matters is that they will Sing For Us, and only us, EXO-L’s!

Keep your eyes peeled as EXO will soon have comeback performances @ ‘Show! Music Core‘ on December 12th and @ ‘Inkigayo’ on December 13th!

Check out the ‘Sing For You’ music video below:

Korean Version:

Chinese Version:

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