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Viral video of BTS manager threatening members leaked!

Recently, a video of BTS members being threatened by their manager has gone viral and spread like wildfire to all social media platforms far and wide.

Published on Vine on the 29th of December, the video has looped over 6.1 million times in over 28 hours and has gained comments from both ARMYs and netizens far and wide. In the video, members Jungkook and V are seen in Minion jackets and jeans, we see the two members entering a small building with their manager at the door with them but he appears to be threatening Jungkook with a gesture as if he is about to beat him, to which Jungkook flinches in fear.

This short clip is a small snippet in an MNet Meet and Greet show for BTS’ 2016 Season’s Greetings DVD video. In response to the clip of the BTS members being mistreated going viral, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement, stating that they are extremely regretful that the action was filmed and put in a video which means a lot to the ARMYs. The manager has admitted to his actions and has stepped down from his role. Big Hit also stated that they will  ‘strengthen internal security systems to make sure that something like this never happens again’.

However, netizens are still not pleased with the response from Big Hit Entertainment as it is revealed that the manager in the video still works for the company and has not been fired.

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