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Viral fancams of EXID


1. EXID’s Viral Fancam

Taken on October 8th, 2014. This fancam of Hani made EXID popular in just a night.

2. EXID’s sexy fancam

Although not Solji was sick during this guerrilla performance, however the group continued to perform hence proved their popularity once again. This fancam also highlights the amazing vocals of Hyerin, make sure you check it out!

3. Hani‘s sexy fancam

Later the day, Solji felt better and rejoined the group for another guerrilla performance , once again surprised their fans for her amazing vocal abilities even though she is sick.

4. EXID’s fanchant fancam

2014 December was definitely the best month for EXID, during the month UP&DOWN managed to top the real-time Melon Charts, the biggest digital music portal in Korea!

5. EXID’s 100% live fancam

This fancam highlights the amazing rap and vocals of EXID, as the staff of the stage accidentally played the 100% instrumental of the song instead of the track which includes backing vocals.

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