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Jessi and Jackson disses JYP?

On the newest episode of MBC Entertainment‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Jessi and Jackson both commented on their thoughts about JYP‘s performance during MAMA 2015 and how they feel when working with him. JYP is the owner of the entertainment company ‘JYP Entertainment‘ in which GOT7‘s Jackson belongs in and Jessi worked with JYP collaboratively during his comeback ‘Who’s your mama?’. Jackson commented on the difference in JYP offstage and onstage by saying:

“When he’s not onstage and we see each other in the company, he would greet me and say something like, ‘How are you doing?’ and seem like a father to me, but then when he’s on stage, he becomes very sexy; this is very weird for me.”

Jessi also agreed by saying that JYP‘s performance of his hit song ‘Elevator‘ during MAMA 2015 and the personality he portrayed on stage was way more sexy than his normal self.

She also said:

“When I saw JYP playing the piano onstage, I thought to myself, ‘This is the JYP I know who is musically talented and charismatic’. But the moment I saw his leg come up to play the piano as well, it felt like I was hallucinating!”

Looks like JYP has very extreme sides of him!

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