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Netizens rage on MBC for cutting too much of LABOUM’s AALOW AALOW!


Netizens are currently raging at MBC for their unfair treatments to LABOUM. 

During December 5th’s episode of MBC Show Music Core rookie group LABOUM made their long awaited comeback stage with their hit track AALOW AALOW, however more than 40% of the song was cut on one of their first comeback stages, displeasing their fans.

What do you view about their unfair treatment from MBC? 

Netizen’s Comments:
oh my god this has to be a record for the shortest stage [+50 -0] what the actual fck MBC how could you do this?! is this even a comeback?! TT_TT [+51 -0] They didn’t just cut this song, they butchered it!! Less than 2 minutes and for their comeback!? Are you kidding me?? [+88 -0] MBC. You know they are ARTISTS too, don’t u??! [+6 -0] I can’t dislike the video because of Laboum, but I really want to dislike MBC for the cut. [+30 -0] let them sing properly mbc :c you rock laboum~ [+12 -0] MBC cut this video so short to the extent that it is like a preview of the song instead of their come back stage… [+72 -0]

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