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Is Tzuyu the next Hyuna?

Tzuyu recently endorsed for LG U+ along with two other members of TWICE. In one of the short adverts, Tzuyu dances sexily in the elevator, showing off her perfect figure. This is the first time we ever see Tzuyu this sexy, and many fans are starting to think if Taiwan’s cute 16-year-old Tzuyu will become the next Hyuna and be able to pull off another sexy image. Do you see the resemblance between the two?


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  1. I’m actually crying… So is every one comparing Tzuyu to like every famous Kpop idol now? Next thing you know everyone is going to compare her to Beyoncé… Just stop.. What’s with her and the attention these days she’s only 17 not Americas next top model. Is it Tzuyu and her backup dancers (Twice) now? She’s too young to be sexualized but why stop there when she’s the most popular person on this planet ig… When are we going to get back to reality and stop dreaming. This is t Tzuyu’s favorite things and she is not the queen of the universe (so they say)

  2. She ain’t 16 she’s 17, almost old enough to f-ing drink.. She ain’t 12.. And stop treating her like she is. She’s not the only 17 year old Kpop idol to endorse or to be sexualized in Korea or in the Kpop industry. When you say she’s being sexy and fierce, and then other younger/older girls do it it’s seen as slutish or inappropriate. Double standard much? It’s like when she wears crop tops 99.9% of the time is seen as fashionable but when another Kpop idol wears it it’s seen as inappropriate and slutish. I’m laughing so hard rn because everyone is baby-ing Tzuyu to become this self-centered,rude, and conceded brat (and she already is) she’s going to turn into Krystal of f(x) always think about herself and her popularity. Yeah she isn’t legal but really?

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