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11 Styles IU managed to pull off flawlessly

IU, otherwise known as ‘Korean’s little sister’, has showed us many different sides of her through her music and photoshoots, ranging from being as cute as a porcelain doll, to being sexy and mature. Let’s have a look at what styles she’s managed to pull off!


IU cute

The ‘Mature-young-lady’ look

IU mature



IU sexy

‘School-girl’ uniform look

IU school girl

Cute 🙂

IU cute

The ‘Bad-girl’/ rock band look

IU bad girl


IU girl next door

Sporty & playful

IU sporty

1800s fashion 

IU 1800s

Musically-talented 🙂

IU guitar

The ‘Mermaid’ look 

IU mermaid

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