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Rookie group “Road Boyz” under fire for being rude to EXO


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The new rookie boy group “Road Boyz” are now under fire for allegedly being rude to EXO by blocking them during their nominating shots on Inkigayo. They are a five-member boy group who have recently debuted under COCONUT Entertainment in November 2015. With only one month of experience on stage and music shows, they are already receiving quite a lot of hate from EXO fans.

On 20 December on SBS‘s Inkigayo, PSY, Zico, and EXO were all nominated for the first place trophy. Each of the artists had an individual camera shot of them during the revealing process for the winner of the week. It can be seen that members of Road Boyz, wearing navy shirts, squeezed in between EXO members in order to wave at the camera and get in the shot. Several members even had to walk out of the camera shot because there was no more room to stand. Chanyeol, standing at 1.85M, can be seen walking around at the back of EXO members and squeezing in between spaces in order to be seen, but was ultimately blocked by Road Boyz members.

COCONUT Entertainment later replied to this:

“Hello. This is Coconut Entertainment.

This is regarding yesterday’s broadcast of ‘Inkigayo‘, where the actions of the Road Boyz members on stage of the number one trophy reveal, made many people uncomfortable. We sincerely apologize to EXO, who were the main protagonists of that stage, and to EXO‘s fans who were upset by what they saw.

They are rookies who haven’t even debuted for a month yet, and still have a limited mental horizon, and thus showed a lack of consideration. We admit our major fault as an agency for failing to bring attention [to this kind of thing to the members] before the incident. We will make sure that this kind of action, which made a lot of people uncomfortable, does not happen again.

We apologize once again and we will show ourselves in a more mature light. Thank you.”

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  1. I think that is not a big thing to apologize! They are rookies and it’s normal for them to show up their faces and try to get more screen time to be well-known.. I don’t know Road Boyz and i’m an EXO-L but for me they weren’t rude to EXO. Many immature fans will make it a big problem but i think that’s not!

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