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[Snow Time!] Best 5 Christmas remixes from Christmas Day’s Music Bank!

(Not in any particular order)

1. GFriend – Me Gustas Tu

After making a successful debut earlier on the year with Glass Bead, GFriend splashed another comeback in the summer with their second mini album Flower Bud. The title track Me Gustas Tu is a powerful yet upbeat dance track which describes the girls’ cute confession to their loved ones. Make sure you check out the christmas remix of the song above!







TWICE crashed into the music industry with their debut mini album The Story Begins in October 2015. Their debut title track Like OOH-AHH is a trendy “colour pop” track, having a mixture of the pop element as well as the hip-hop element. The mixture of genre makes Like OOH-AHH one of the freshest debut tracks amongst all the other ones. Just like the strong and bold title track, the lyrics shows off a woman’s overwhelming confidence. However in this Christmas remix of the track, the group decided to not only showoff the strong and bold side of them, but also their overwhelming cuteness. Make sure you click the play button above!





3. MAMAMOO – Um Oh Ah Yeh

MAMAMOO, who made their awaited return on their 1st anniversary with an exciting, funky R&B dance track Um Oh Ah Yeh, returns on stage this Christmas! This time the girls are back again with their energetic and youthful energy, warming the cold winter. In the Christmas remix of Um Oh Ah Yeh, you can once again hear the amazing vocals and raps from the four talented members, therefore do not miss out the amazing stage!






4. Lovelyz – For You

Lovely as always, Lovelyz made a comeback earlier the month with their first single album Lovelinus. The title track For You is a healing track that will definitely comfort every single listener of all ages. In the special Christmas remix of the track, allow the Lovelyz members to bring you joy while comforting you with their lovely voices.






LABOUM, is back to party with their third single album AALOW AALOW. The title track of the same name has an addictive melody which combines electronic synth with 80s synth pop music while bringing out the Christmas vibe. In the Christmas remix of the track, the girls once again showcased the bright yet cute side of them. Party with LABOUM right now and click the play button above!

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