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Top 13 airport fashionistas

Airport fashion is one of the most important topics discussed by fans and celebrities. When celebrities arrive or leave the airport, what they wear can become a huge topic amongst netizens, so they must choose what they wear very carefully. Here are the top 13 stars with the best airport fashion sense we have ever seen, ranging from chic to casual to cute. Let’s take a look at them now!

1) Krystal Jung [f(x)]

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2) Sehun [EXO] 

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3) Bam Bam [GOT7]

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4) Hyuna [4minute]

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5) Hyomin [T-ARA]

large gallery_39086_2085_93901 article_jhz0828@weeple.net_20140711100826784 t-ara-airport-fashion-style-to-nanjing-china-hyomin-soyeon


6) Suzy [Miss A]

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7) Rap Monster [BTS]

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8) Taeyeon [SNSD]

tumblr_nliwx86nDV1sgoz6co1_500 large taeyeon airport pics 1 (4) tumblr_nq0137RjqK1sgoz6co1_250 84f460a5gw1ehrj5aezquj216x1setgn


9) Goo Hara [KARA]

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10) IU

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11) Tiffany [SNSD]

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12) T.O.P. [Big Bang]

wpid-top_airport_green_jacket3 46962018 top bigbang.x1


13) G-Dragon [Big Bang]

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