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Fans praise TWICE Jihyo for her amazing weight loss

On the Korean online community Pann, a netizen made a post about the TWICE‘s Jihyo. This netizen stated that Jihyo got a lot prettier now than during her participation in the girl-group survival show “SIXTEEN“. The post goes like this:

“Twice’s Jihyo got tons of hate for being fat from male communities all the way to fan communities. Antis called her a pig who couldn’t manage her own weight. Looked like a pig in her past photos and even fans hated on her saying it was difficult for them to like her. Hated on Pann for being the ‘visual hole’ of Twice.

However, she went on a diet and reached the peak of her beauty recently and looks as pretty as a doll with a healthier body. Her personality has always been known to be great and she’s an awesome singer too.”





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  1. Jinjja yo? My mom always says that Jihyo is the prettiest in TWICE, and so do I! We didn’t watch Sixteen actually, so congratulate Jihyo for doing successful diet! ^^

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