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11 Artists that needs a comeback right now!


Waiting for your biases to comeback is definitely a really hard job. Below are some artists who haven’t been active in the music industry for quite a while. Please comeback soon! 

[Order according to their previous comeback date (with promotion)]



(Previous comeback date: March 28, 2013)
(Previous comeback title track: ROSE)

2. After School

After School

(Previous comeback date: June 13, 2013)
(Previous comeback title track: First Love)

3. Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker

(Previous comeback date: October 28, 2013)
(Previous comeback title track: Now)

4. 2NE12ne1-come-back-home-video

(Previous comeback date: March 7, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track: Come Back Home)

5. Super Junior M

Super Junior M

(Previous comeback date: March 21, 2014 (China), March 31,2014 (Korea))
(Previous comeback title track: Swing

6. G.NA


(Previous comeback date: May 12, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track: G.NA’s Secret

7. Henry


(Previous comeback date: July 14, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track: Fantastic

8. Secret


(Previous comeback date: August 11, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track: I’m In Love

9. 2AM


(Previous comeback date: October 30, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track: Over the Destiny

10. Spica



(Previous comeback date: November 5, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track: Ghost)
(Previous comeback date with promotion: January 27, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track with promotion: You Don’t Love Me!)

11. Akdong Musician 


(Previous comeback date: October 9, 2015)
(Previous comeback title track: Ganada together)
(Previous comeback date with promotion: April 7, 2014)
(Previous comeback title track with promotion: 200%)




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