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[Album Review] GFriend – ‘Snowflake’

Gfriend snowflake



2. 시간을 달려서 (ROUGH) {Title}

3. 내 이름을 불러줘 (SAY MY NAME)

4. 사랑별 (LUV STAR)

5. 그런 날엔 (SOMEDAY)


7. 시간을 달려서 (ROUGH) (inst.)

Innocent rookie girl group GFriend is finally back after six months with their third mini album Snowflake. The six lovable girlfriends will once again transform into school girls and take on the “power innocent” concept for their comeback, and will definitely bring warmth to those who are cold in the winter.

Composed & Arranged by: Hong Bum Kyu, Woong Kim

Snowflake is a unique intro which blends in the girl’s powerful and cute vocals with strings. The intro aims to make listeners feel passionate as if they are watching a scene from a movie. Parts of the title track Rough is added in to the intro, teasing their fans the unique “power innocent” track which only GFriend can bring out.

02. 시간을 달려서 (ROUGH) {Title}
Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Youngbae

If only I could run through time and grow up…
As soon as the snowflake melts, GFriend shouts out their desires to grow up through the “powerful innocent” title track Rough! Unlike their previous title tracks, “Rough” gives off a rather depressing vibe, showing the emotional side of the six girls. Along with the beautiful vocals from the girls, the powerful beats and sentimental melodies of the track will definitely grab everybody’s attention!

03. 내 이름을 불러줘 (SAY MY NAME)
Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Youngbae

Say My Name, is a pop track which expresses a girls’ hop for attention from whom she truly loves. Unlike typical bright pop tracks, Say My Name tends to give out a dark, depressing vibe. Along with the impressive sound of the acoustic guitar, the description of the dark night also highlights the sentimental lyrics!

04. 사랑별 (LUV STAR)

Lyrics, Composed by: e.one
Arranged by: e.one, Cho Jae Seok

Luv Star, is a medium tempo dance track which has a bright, happy melody. The track expresses a girl’s experience on exploring and finding her one and only love star, which shines beautifully like the milky way. Through the bright melody and colourful lyrics, the girls aim to show fans their youthful energy and cute charms.

05. 그런 날엔 (SOMEDAY)

Lyrics by: Heuk Tae
Composed by: Cho Sung Jun, Park Chan
Arranged by: Heuk Tae, Park Chan

Days might be hard and exhausting… there are days where you feel like you are going to collapse… BUT this song will definitely cheer you from all the tiredness and hardships that you have to endure in the past days. Someday is a bright, energetic, joyful track which will cheer you up from exhaustion and depression. When you are going through hard times, have the song by your side, and allow it to shine on you.


Lyrics by: Noh Joo Hwan
Composed, Arranged by: Noh Joo Hwan, Lee Won Jong 

TRUST is a medium tempo ballad track which tells the love story of a shy yet serious girl. Although she is afraid to walk the path with whom they truly love, yet they want to try, as nothing can stop her love towards her beloved. With the sweet, poetic lyrics and the classical instruments, the track will definitely melt your heart within seconds! 

07. 시간을 달려서 (ROUGH) {inst.}
Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Youngbae

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