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Winner starts their ‘EXIT-Movement’ with ‘Baby Baby’, ‘SENTIMENTAL’ and ‘I’m Young’

WINNER is back with 3 new songs ‘Baby Baby’, ‘SENTIMENTAL’ and ‘I’m Young’ after multiple covers of the songs by many YG artists such as AKMU, LEE HI, G-Dragon, Katie Kim, EPIK HIGH and Dean! The boys will be releasing ‘EXIT’ in 4 singles in 4 months like how BIGBANG released their ‘MADE’ series, so it seems like we will be seeing them a lot this year!

Remember to support WINNER and their multiple comebacks! We also wish them a great success with ‘EXIT’ here at NowKPop. So stay tuned to get more WINNER updates!

(SENTIMENTAL & I’m Young M/Vs attached below)







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