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6 Things every K-Pop fan can relate to

Staying up ’till midnight, waiting for new releases– For some of the international fans, staying up until 3 am is not very nice, especially when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work the minute the MV is supposed to be released.



Watching every live performance for the same song– This is probably what every fan would have done at their peak of their love for their idol. With music shows available 6 days a week, you can LITERALLY see your idol everyday! You never get bored at the same dance moves, song, and FANCHANT!


Watching good-bye stages– The knowing that you’re only going to see your favourite Korean star after 2304971209312086235… billion years. This comeback has ended! You wave goodbye to your idol through the screen.


Seeing your idol show some skin– There are two kinds of fans; those who cover their eyes and get all shy at some exposure and those who scream their heads off!

shy shy 2


Trying to learn the slick dance moves and failing so badly– Seeing your idol dancing those moves can make you want to do the same but sometimes, we can fail very badly.


Being judged by other non-kpop fans– Being a k-pop fan can be very sacrificing, especially when you talk about korean music 24/7 and your friends have no idea what you’re screaming about.

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