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Source’s Music CEO So Sung Jin: GFriend will never go for a sexy concept!

The CEO of Source Music: So Sung Jin, recently accepted an interview from IZE magazine, and revealed the secrets for GFriend’s success, as well as his thoughts on the stereotypical girl group concept: sexy.

Regarding to the success of GFriend’s newest title track Rough, he said, “I honestly do not know why they can be that successful. I think it is probably because of Yuju’s falling incident that made GFriend popular in the public.”

“Further more, the members of the group and I both really liked the song, due to its touching lyrics. When I played this song to my wife, she cried because of the touching lyrics of the song.” said the CEO. Regarding to GFriend’s future, So Sung Jin commented, “Many people say that girl group should be taking on the sexy concept as time pass by, but I do not believe in such ideology. I feel that you should look at the group’s colour before choosing the right concept for them. GFriend will probably never take on the sexy concept. Like their previous title tracks, GFriend will once again return with their difficult choreography in the future, make sure you look forward to them.”

In addition to GFriend’s future comebacks and their unique concept So Sung Jin firmly states that Source Music will be keeping all the members. Nobody will be removed, replaced or added into the group in the future.

Meanwhile GFriend is making their goodbye stages throughout the week, make sure you continue to show them your love and support!

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