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Park Bo Young’s amazing vocals charms fans

Park Bo Young is a incredibly talented actor. She is able to reenact almost every emotion precisely and make viewers fall in love with her acting. But you you know that Park Bo Young is also a very amazing singer?

Park Bo young has sang many OST songs for her own dramas and movies, showcasing her strong vocal capabilities. She is also capable of playing the guitar and piano  Do you know about Park Bo Young’s songs, and what do you think?

Without further ado, let’s listen to her songs!

Oh My Ghostess OST- Leaving






A Werewolf Boy OST- My Prince






Speed – It’s Over (ft. Park Bo Young)






Hot Young Bloods OST – Boiling Youth








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  1. She said herself that she didn’t sing songs for scandal makers.
    Even the singer name is on the pic u posted?

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