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17 facts you didn’t know about BTS!


“I am the dance monster, Namjoon is rap monster, Suga is nap monster, Jin is cooking monster, Jimin is thigh monster, Jungkook is muscle monster, and V is an actual monster.” -J-Hope

bts puma


2. Practice Makes Perfect

Jimin says that he might be addicted to practicing; he once practiced so much that he only got 3 hours of sleep and even had a nosebleed!

jimin practice


3. Engrishhhh˜

Rap Monster said that he taught himself English…Wow…

rap mon


4. Satoori is the new thang

Suga would accidentally use satoori if he gets really nervous



5. You from Seoul? No.

Not one single member of BTS is from Seoul. Rap Monster is from Ilsan, J-Hope/Suga from Daegu, and Jimin/Jungkook from Busan.



6. Chim Chim the dancer

Jimin attended Busan High School of Arts in the contemporary dance department. His teacher advised him to audition for an Entertainment company. “I really liked contemporary dance because we could express our feelings with our body.”

dance chim chim


7. Rap Mon

Rap Monster has a dog called Rap Mon



8. Jungkook is muscle monsterrrr

Even Jungkook is the maknae of the group, he is the strongest out of them all. He carried Jimin during a dance break in their debut song “No More Dream”.



9. Ant Waist

On American Hustle Life, V said that he has a 27inch waist but the thighs of a man.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.57.57 PM


10. J-Horse

BTS fans say that J-Hope looks like a horse because of his nose. His face is also 27cm long.

J horse


11. JiKook

The ship name for Jimin and Jungkook is “JiKook”. Jimin said that he likes Jungkook a lot because he thinks that he’s a very cute maknae. Jungkook said that he acts like he doesn’t really like Jimin because he’s shy.



12. Sunglasses

Rap Monster always wore sunglasses during “No More Dream” debut era because he was afraid that people would judge him by his appearance.

rap mon glasses


13. Chubby Cheeks

Jimin was the chubbiest out of all BTS members pre-debut.



14. No music, no life

“If I wasn’t a rapper, I would probably be a composer because I love music so much.” -Suga



15. Genius…or not?

Rap Monster thinks that V is very extreme; he is either an idiot or a genius at times.



16. Talent-less

V said that when he first became a trainee, he had no talent at all in dancing or singing

V sad


17. Let’s eat eat eat

Jin likes to eat a lot and try many kinds of food, so he does a lot of exercises to lose weight and so he can eat more.


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  1. Hey I think u’re wrong. J-Hope is from Gwangju. V and Suga are from Daegu

  2. I guess u forgot to mention V’s place. These kind of things can offend people who love BTS as a seven member boy band and I guess I’m one of them.

  3. Pls mention V’s place as well.
    Before writing these stuffs you should be extra careful no matter what.

  4. Theres no Jin / V’s name when you wrote about their hometown. Please mention them as well. Cause BTS is actually 7 members. Tq 🙂

  5. You forgot v and jin’s hometown btw jhope is from gwangju v is from daegu jin is from gwacheon

  6. Hmm quite good but i didnt see v hometown

  7. This is one shitty article

  8. be careful of what ur writing i don’t see v and jin’s hometown

  9. WTF This article is 100% shit Tae and yoongi are from daegu Hoseok is from Gwangju Jin is from Gwacheon Jimin and Jungkook are from busan and Namjoon Ilsan ilsan is only 20,6 km away from Seoul and wtf is wrong with you Hoseok did tell armys that he don’t like it to be called J-Horse why did you put this shit in here

    • Exactly I was shocked people are still calling him that. Some people just think they’re close friends of the members to call them names. Smh

  10. Jhope doesnt like to be called Jhorse and where is V and Jins hometown and Hoseok is not fron Daegu ,be careful while this and posting it on Internet.

  11. Wtf why people compare humans to animals? That too a beautiful human like Jung Hoseok. A horse? After he said he doesn’t like being called that? You people really have no respect for his opinion. If you have nothing nice to write just don’t write at all

  12. wow there were a few facts i seriously did not know!!!! thanks for this post!

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