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JB makes an appearance at GOT7’s concert

Even after being diagnosed with spinal disc herniation, JB still goes to GOT7’s first concert which took place on April 29th, fans spilled many tears at the surprise appearance that JB made at the end of the concert, he wore his official concert shirt that he was supposed to perform in that day, due to the fact he couldn’t walk comfortably the members helped him walk. JB said that it felt weird listening to a song that he had composed from behind the scenes, he had aslo reassured fans saying “I don’t fall down from petty things like this. I’m a man, so there’s no way I’ll fall down from this. I’ll return with a body twice as healthy as I was before.” Those are some beautiful and encouraging words JB. After the concert had ended GOT7’s member Mark posted a picture on Instagram with the caption saying “D-Day. 2 years and 3 months after debut, we held our first concert! It’s disappointing that our leader wasn’t able to be with us… Our JB, don’t worry so much today, and rest well, and get well soon. You might not be here physically but you will be here with us mentally.” That is so sweet of you Mark, member Junior had also sid a few words about JB’s absence at an interview “It’s very disappointing. He was diagnosed with herniated spinal disc two days before. I’m very worried, but to fill in for his empty spot, the rest of the members will work hard.” This statement was then directed towards JB, “Even though you’re not here, we will work harder to fill up the stage. It’ll feel lacking, but we’ll still do well to create a good performance. Hyung, please get well soon, and I love you.” You have some amazing friends JB, they’re the best and care a lot for you and they miss you a lot so hurry up and get better so you can go back to being the way you usually are, the JB we all know and love. Remember that you are in all our prayers and we wish you the best recovery. Love your fans, family and friends <3


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