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EXO’s Comeback 2016

EXO has confirmed their comeback date for 2016 with their third full  studio album! on the 31st of May, SM Entertainment officially announced that EXO will be making their comeback on June 9th, they also released more specific plans in regards to their comeback schedule.

EXO will be making a grand scale and impressive comeback showcase on June 8th at Olympic Hall followed by their album release on June 9th. Moreover, EXO will also hold their first stage the day of their album release.

SM Entertainemnt has also revealed their plans to work with Naver for EXO’s comeback. EXO is planning on showing sides of them that they haven’t shown yet through platforms arranged by Naver. EXO’s promotions include plans to air the members’ daily lives all thorought out June through the Naver V Live+ broadcast aswell as other various content.

We all wish you the best with your comeback! Lots of love from everyone from EXO-L, your family and friends

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