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EXO releases MV’s for Lucky One and Monster

EXO released MVs for Lucky One and Monster on June 8th and 9th. In monster the boys did an amazing job with the choreography and lyrics making the hearts of the fans go crazy. They had amazing dances moves that were both powerful and elegant at the same time, they all had us entranced and left us wanting more. Lucky One captured the hearts of all their fans, their voices were on point and their choreography was beyond expectation. “Performance wise it’s very powerful. Even if you press the space bar as you watch, you’ll be surprised at what you see,” EXO’s leader Suho had said about their Monster MV, they’re lyrics are as deadly as ever and unlike any other. D.O explained that Lucky One was a funk R&B song that was in stark contrast to the other title song. Also congratulations to the boys for setting a new record with the Monster MV, after just 24 hours of uploading the video the MV got an astonishing 4.5 million views on YouTube!


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