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It has been a while since iKON had their concert in Hong Kong. However, as we promised, here is the concert review.


The concert was held in Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, and as we expected, a lot of fans had came to enjoy and cheer for iKON’s first concert in Hong Kong. Every iKonics had their red mini baseball bats, or ‘konbats’, everyone was busy cheering for them from the start to the end. Honestly, the atmosphere was amazing.


The concert was almost 2 hours long, and it seems that 2 hours weren’t enough to show all the talents and passion of each members. Every member showed their amazing singing and dancing skills through a wide range of their songs, starting from hip-hop and rock to ballads. Every live performances that iKon did was wonderful, it clearly showed how much the members put their time and effort into preparing for this concert.


Words cannot explain how amazing the concert was, so we have prepared a few short clips of the concert to show the atmosphere of the day!

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