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Girl Spirit Profile

Girl Spirit is a JTBC television programme where twelve underrated girl group vocalists get together on stage and compete with each other.

Order according to debut dates


Birth Name: Kim Bo Hyung (김보형)

Stage Name: Bohyung (보형)

Nickname: Miss Bbo

Birthday: March 31, 1989

Position in group: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Education: Dongguk Women’s University

Hobbies: Studying about machines, Exercising

Specialty: Exercising

Group: SPICA


Birth Name: Kim Hye Mi (김혜미)

Stage Name: Hyemi (혜미)

Position in group: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: August 10,1990

Blood Type: A

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Education:   Kyonggi University, Economic Major

Languages: Korean 



Birth Name: Lee So Jung (이소정)

Stage Name: Sojung (소정)

Nickname: Funky Code

Position in group: Main Vocalist

Weight: 163kg

Height: 42cm

Blood Type: O

Education: Dankook University

Birthday: September 03, 1993

Place of Birth: Wonju, Gangwon Province, South Korea

Group: Ladies Code


Birth Name: Jung Yoo Ji (정유지)

Stage Name: Uji (유지)

Former Stage Name: Yuzi (유지)

Position in group: Main Vocalist

Birthday: January 2, 1991

Height: 168 cm

Former Group: EXID

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Group: BESTie


Birth Name: Jeong So Yeon (정소연)

Stage Name: Soyeon (소연) 

Nickname: 연이 (Yeoni), Olaf (Frozen)

Position in group: Main Vocalist

Birthday: May 04, 1994

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Blood Type: A

Speciality(ies): Singing

Place of Birth: Gwangju, Jeolla-do, South Korea 



Birth Name: Kim Ji Yeon (김지연)

Stage Name: Kei (케이)

Position in group: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Education: Incheon Youngsun High School

Birthday: March 20, 1995

Blood Type: O

Height: 162 cm

Place Of Birth: Incheon, South Korea

Hobbies: Cooking, Acting

Specialities: Dancing, Singing

Group: Lovelyz


Birth Name: Song Min Jae (성민재)

Stage Name: Minjae (민재)

Position in group: Main Vocalist

Height: 165cm

Weight: 46kg

Birthday: December 18, 1994

Blood Type: A

Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea

Nickname(s): Olaf

Favorite color(s): Mint, Indigo

Favorite artist(s): BoA, Younha

Hobbies: Visiting well known restaurants, hanging around in Seoul, Speaking in English

Motto:”Think 30 seconds before saying (anything).”

Resolution: I will work hard to become a recognized singer.”



Birth Name: Oh Seung Hee (오승희)

Stage Name: Seunghee (승희)

Position in group: Former Leader, Main Vocalist

Birthday: October 10, 1995

Blood Type: A

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Languages: Korean

Education: Chungdam High School

Place of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea

Group: CLC


Birth Name: Hyun Seung Hee (현승희)

Stage Name: Seunghee (승희)

Position in group: Main Vocalist

Birthday: January 25, 1996

Blood Type: B

Education: Korea Art School

Place of Birth: Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea 

Fun Facts: Winner of WM audition 2015



Birth Name: Lee Jin Sol (이진솔)

Stage Name: Jinsol (진솔)

Position in group: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Height: 165cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: December 4, 2001

Education: Seowon Middle School

Hobbies: Listening to Music, Browsing for songs, Singing while looking at the mirror

Group: APRIL


Birth Name: Nam Da Won (다원)

Stage Name: Dawon (다원)

Birthday: April 16, 1996

Position in group: Main Vocalist

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Sub-unit: Natural

Group: Cosmic Girls


Birth Name: Shannon Bae (샤넌배)

Korean Name: Bae Sung Yeon (성연)

Stage Name: Sungyeon

Date of Birth: May 25, 1999

Position: Main Vocalist

Height: –

Weight: –

Blood Type: –

Education: Orange County School of the Arts

Place of Birth: Buena Park California, USA

Group: Pledis Girlz

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  1. Hi, you should write which one is from which group so that new fans can get to know them more..
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    Why all members girls spirit retired? All members go to another group so sadness😢

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