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[Special] Three Fun Facts About Korea

1: Sweet Two-Years-Old [not sixteen] !


Koreans have special tradition when the baby ages first, (Korea’s age counting system starts from 1, as in if you are newborn, you’re 1 years old!), they open a traditional celebration with traditional food (Seaweed soup, fruits and ricecakes!)

This celebration ‘decides’ baby’s fortune; parents gather few objects such as book, money, food and thread, and see which object baby chooses. If he/she chooses book, it’ll be smart, money for wealthy, food for never starving and thread for living long! 

2: Very Convenient Food Delivery System! 


In Korea, you don’t have to step outside of your door to eat any food you want, literally. And of course convenience comes along with many food delivery system; all you have to do with plates after you’ve finished is to place it outside of your door and the delivery men will come and pick it up!

3: There are 250 types of KIM CHI! 



Kim Chi, a well-known healthy, nutritious food in Korea comes with infamous spiciness.

Not to mention, 250 different types of them!


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