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Lee Hong Gi Reveals His Close Friendship With Henry

On the July 28th, FT Island Lee Hong Gi revealed his close friendship with Super Junior Henry through ‘Cultwo Show’.

In this show, Lee Hong Gi stated that Henry always calls him through video chat. Once Lee Hong Gi was having feces and Henry video called him. At first, Lee Hong Gi did not answered the phone call but when Henry called him for the second time, he answered it with only face showing. Henry asked him what he was doing, so Lee Hong Gi honestly told him he was having a feces.

After few days, Henry video called Lee Hong Gi again. This time, Lee Hong Gi asked Henry what he was doing, and Henry said he was having feces.

Through this funny anecdote, the viewers got to know how close Lee Hong Gi and Henry are.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lee Hong Gi and Henry!

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