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BTS Wings Short Film

BTS has recently been releasing individual video segments of each member in their latest short film called Wings, all the members have their own title for each of their little segments. The short film begins with Jungkook and his segment called Begin. BigHit Entertainment released this video at midnight on September 5th, it was uncalled for so a lot of fans were surprised to see the short film and as well were confused with the whole video. In the video Jungkook seems to have woken up from a nightmare then the caption saying this appear, “Because dawn is the darkest before the sun rises.” and the afterwards Jungkook seems to be living an equally terrifying nightmare.

The next video that was released was Jimin with his short called Lie. In this video Jimin carries out the same eerie theme that was in Jungkook’s short. Watch the video to see what happens to Jimin

V is the third member to release his part for the short film. V’s video is titled Stigma in this video he gets arrested and while he’s being questioned he gets visions or flashbacks of his past, to know what happens check out the video below.

Our lovely rapper Suga is the fourth member to release his video. His is called First Love, just by looking at the title I think we can infer what this one is about, but what’s weird is that a girl is never shown in the video but we do see Suga almost get hit my a car but the car hits something else and leaves a huge splatter of blood next to Suga. Just what did that car hit? To know what happens afterwards check out the video below.

Rap Monster is the next one to release a video. In his video called Reflection, he seems to be in deep reflection thinking about something , he also has a not in his hand throughout the whole video with his face look emotionless, near the end we see him locked outside a phone booth with the phone ringing inside. What could this mean? Is that another opportunity calling him or is it something else?

J-Hope is second last member to release his short titled Mama, J-Hope is trapped in a colorful room eating something when all of a sudden two slots open up and pills come piling into the room. Afterwards the room changes color and J-Hope seems to be moving. To see what happens next see the video.

And now the best for last we have Jin in his short called Awake. In this short Jin looks blank and melancholy, he wanders around the room searching for something, but what is he searching for? In the video you can hear Jin singing while his acting skills are being displayed to the max showing us expressions filled with despair and his body language to express his restlessness while trying to sleep. Check out the video to see how the short film, Wings, ends.

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