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LOONA Profile


From Left to Right: Heejin, Haseul, ViVi, Hyunjin


From Left to Right: JinSoul, Choerry, Kim Lip


LOONA Profile

LOOΠΔ is a 12 member South Korean Girl Group set to debut in 2018 under BlockBerry Creative, a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment. A new member is scheduled to be revealed every month and 12 members has been revealed since October 2016 until March 2018. Each member have her individual album and solo music video. LOOΠΔ 1/3, the first sub-unit of LOOΠΔ, consists of 4 of the members and have released their first mini album “Love & Live” in early March 2017 as well as its repackaged version “Love & Evil” in May. ODD EYE CIRCLE, the second sub-unit of LOOΠΔ, consists of 3 members, Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry, have released their extended play “Mix & Match” in late September 2017 and made their debut in M Countdown on 21 September 2017. Soon afterwards, OEC came back with their repackaged album “Max & Match”, concluding their sub-unit debut journey.


Birth Name: Jeon Hee-jin (전희진)

Stage Name: Heejin (희진)

Nickname: Hee-kki (희끼)

Birthday: October 19, 2000

Place of Birth: Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Month of Release: October

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Rabbit

Colour Representation: Bright Pink

Music Video Location: Paris, France

Solo Title Track: ViViD

Facts: Scared of Birds, Brings a doll to the practice room

Birth Name: Kim Hyun-Jin (김현진)

Stage Name: Hyunjin (현진)

Nickname: Hyunjin-bot

Birthday: November 15, 2000

Place of Birth: Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea

Month of Release: November

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Cat

Colour Representation: Yellow

Music Video Location: Tokyo, Japan

Solo Title Track: Around You

Facts: Loves bread, Wants to do earrings CF, can make puppy sounds

Birth Name: Jo Ha-Seul (조하슬)

Stage Name: Haseul (하슬)

Birthday: August 18, 1997

Place of Birth: Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Month of Release: December

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Bird

Colour Representation: Green

Music Video Location: Iceland

Solo Title Track: Let Me In

Facts: Scared of Birds, Both ears look different, Studied in an American highschool for a year

Birth Name: Im Yeo-Jin (임여진)

Stage Name: Yeojin (여진)

Birthday: November 11, 2002

Place of Birth: Guro, Seoul, South Korea

Month of Release: January

Animal Representation: Frog

Colour Representation: Orange

Music Video Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Title Track: Kiss Later

Birth Name: Wong Ka Hei, Viian (황가희)

Stage Name: ViVi (비비)

Nickname: BB Cream

Birthday: December 9, 1996

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Month of Release: April

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Deer

Colour Representation: Pastel Rose

Music Video Location: Busan, Korea

Solo Title Track: Everyday I Love You

Facts: Extremely flexible, Needs a body pillow to sleep well


Birth Name: Kim Jung Eun (김정은)

Stage Name: Kim Lip (김립)

Birthday: February 10, 1999

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: May


Animal Representation: Owl

Colour Representation: Red

Music Video Location: Gimcheon, Korea

Solo Title Track: Eclipse

Facts: Girl Crush, Wants to see an aurora, Talks alot

Birth Name: Jung Jin-Soul (정진솔)

Stage Name: Jinsoul (진솔)

Birthday: June 13, 1997

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: June


Animal Representation: Fish

Colour: Blue/Black

Music Video Location: South Korea

Solo Title Track: Singing In The Rain

Birth Name: Choi Ye-rim (최예림)

Stage Name: Choerry (최리)

Birthday: June 4, 2001

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: July


Animal Representation: Fruit Bat

Colour Representation: Purple

Solo Title Track: Love Cherry Motion

Facts: The most cheerful member

Birth Name: Ha SooYoung

Stage Name: Yves

Birthday: May 24, 1997

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: November

Sub-unit: ?

Animal Representation: Swan

Fruit Representation: Apple

Colour Representation: Maroon

Solo Title Track: new

Birth Name: Kim Jiwoo

Stage Name: Chuu

Birthday: October 20, 1999

Place of Birth: Cheongju, South Korea

Month of Release: December

Sub-unit: ?

Animal Representation: Penguin

Fruit Representation: Strawberry

Colour Representation: Coral/Peach

Solo Title Track: Heart Attack


Birth Name: Park Chaewon

Stage Name: Go Won

Birthday: November 19, 2000

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: January

Sub-unit: ?

Animal Representation: Butterfly

Fruit Representation: Pineapple

Colour Representation: Eden Green

Solo Title Track: One & Only

Birth Name: Son HyeJoo

Stage Name: Olivia Hye

Birthday: November 13, 2001

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: March

Sub-unit: ?

Animal Representation: Wolf

Fruit Representation: ?

Colour Representation: White (TBC)

Solo Title Track: Egoist


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  1. New member, Yves was added to the group.

  2. Yves’ birthday is May 24, 1997 (confirmed on her Naver profile). Her animal is speculated to be a cygnet (baby swan), her color is maroon/burgundy/dark red and her solo title track is “new”.

  3. Chuu’s spirit animal is penguin

  4. Gowon’s real name is Park Chaewon. Her birthday is 2000.11.19 and she is blood type A. All info is on namu.wiki at https://namu.wiki/w/고원(이달의 소녀).

  5. Gowon’s color is Eden Green (Turquoise) and her song is One & Only 🙂

  6. Olivia Hye fruit is a blood plum

  7. The third subunit name is Loona/YYXY consist Yves, Chuu, Gowon and Olivia Hye.

    Olivia fruit is blood plum and her colour is grey

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