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LOONA Profile


From Left to Right: Heejin, Haseul, ViVi, Hyunjin


From Left to Right: JinSoul, Choerry, Kim Lip


LOONA Profile

LOOΠΔ is a 12 member South Korean Girl Group set to debut in 2018 under BlockBerry Creative, a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment. A new member is scheduled to be revealed every month and 9 members has been revealed so far since October 2016. Each member will have her individual album and solo music video, filmed in a different place from the other members. LOOΠΔ 1/3, the first sub-unit of LOOΠΔ, consists of 4 of the members and have released their first mini album “Love & Live” in early March 2017 as well as its repackaged version “Love & Evil” in May. ODD EYE CIRCLE, the second sub-unit of LOOΠΔ, consists of 3 members, Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry, have released their extended play “Mix & Match” in late September 2017 and made their debut in M Countdown on 21 September 2017. Soon afterwards, OEC came back with their repackaged album “Max & Match”, concluding their sub-unit debut journey.


Birth Name: Jeon Hee-jin (전희진)

Stage Name: Heejin (희진)

Nickname: Hee-kki (희끼)

Birthday: October 19, 2000

Place of Birth: Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Month of Release: October

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Rabbit

Colour Representation: Bright Pink

Music Video Location: Paris, France

Solo Title Track: ViViD

Facts: Scared of Birds, Brings a doll to the practice room

Birth Name: Kim Hyun-Jin (김현진)

Stage Name: Hyunjin (현진)

Nickname: Hyunjin-bot

Birthday: November 15, 2000

Place of Birth: Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea

Month of Release: November

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Cat

Colour Representation: Yellow

Music Video Location: Tokyo, Japan

Solo Title Track: Around You

Facts: Loves bread, Wants to do earrings CF, can make puppy sounds

Birth Name: Jo Ha-Seul (조하슬)

Stage Name: Haseul (하슬)

Birthday: August 18, 1997

Place of Birth: Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Month of Release: December

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Bird

Colour Representation: Green

Music Video Location: Iceland

Solo Title Track: Let Me In

Facts: Scared of Birds, Both ears look different, Studied in an American highschool for a year

Birth Name: Im Yeo-Jin (임여진)

Stage Name: Yeojin (여진)

Birthday: November 11, 2002

Place of Birth: Guro, Seoul, South Korea

Month of Release: January

Animal Representation: Frog

Colour Representation: Orange

Music Video Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Title Track: Kiss Later

Birth Name: Wong Ka Hei, Viian (황가희)

Stage Name: ViVi (비비)

Nickname: BB Cream

Birthday: December 9, 1996

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Month of Release: April

Sub-unit: LOOΠΔ 1/3

Animal Representation: Deer

Colour Representation: Pastel Rose

Music Video Location: Busan, Korea

Solo Title Track: Everyday I Love You

Facts: Extremely flexible, Needs a body pillow to sleep well


Birth Name: Kim Jung Eun (김정은)

Stage Name: Kim Lip (김립)

Birthday: February 10, 1999

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: May


Animal Representation: Owl

Colour Representation: Red

Music Video Location: Gimcheon, Korea

Solo Title Track: Eclipse

Facts: Girl Crush, Wants to see an aurora, Talks alot

Birth Name: Jung Jin-Soul (정진솔)

Stage Name: Jinsoul (진솔)

Birthday: June 13, 1997

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: June


Animal Representation: Fish

Colour: Blue/Black

Music Video Location: South Korea

Solo Title Track: Singing In The Rain

Birth Name: Choi Ye-rim (최예림)

Stage Name: Choerry (최리)

Birthday: June 4, 2001

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: July


Animal Representation: Fruit Bat

Colour Representation: Purple

Solo Title Track: Love Cherry Motion

Facts: The most cheerful member

Birth Name: Ha SooYoung

Stage Name: Yves

Birthday: May 24, 1997

Place of Birth: South Korea

Month of Release: November

Sub-unit: ?

Animal Representation: Swan

Colour Representation: Maroon

Solo Title Track: new

Facts: She’s the only member with dlrowehtanool.com instead of loonatheworld.com on her teaser pictures

Music Videos

Sweet Crazy Love

Girl Front

Love & Live (지금, 좋아해)

Sonatine (알 수 없는 비밀)

Heejin – ViViD

Hyunjin – Around You

Haseul – Let Me In

Yeojin – Kiss Later

ViVi – Everyday I Love You (Feat. Haseul)

Kim Lip – Eclipse

JinSoul – Singing In The Rain

Choerry – Love Cherry Motion

Yves – new

Everyday I Need You (Feat. Jinsoul)

My Melody

My Sunday

The Carol

I’ll Be There

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  1. New member, Yves was added to the group.

  2. Yves’ birthday is May 24, 1997 (confirmed on her Naver profile). Her animal is speculated to be a cygnet (baby swan), her color is maroon/burgundy/dark red and her solo title track is “new”.

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