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[Album Review] GFRIEND – ‘The Awakening – The 4th Mini Album’


1. 바람의 노래 (Hear The Wind Sing)

2. Fingertip [Title Track]

3. 비행운: 飛行雲(Contrail)

4. 나의 지구를 지켜줘 (Please Save My Earth)

5. 봄비 (Rain In The Spring Time)

6. 핑 (Crush)


Tang Tang Tang! The long awaited GFRIEND comeback has finally happened! However, instead of the usual “Powerful Innocent” concept that has brought them a lot of success in the past, GFRIEND has taken powerful shots at the Buddies’ hearts with a mature concept for their new mini-album “The Awakening”. This extended play has definitely been a success, achieving over 100,000 album sales through pre-sales alone as well as gaining over 1 million youtube views within 24 hours for the title track MV “Fingertip”. What’s even better about this mini album is that it contains 6 full length songs, without the typical Intro or Instrumental track.

바람의 노래 (Hear The Wind Sing)

The album starts off with “Hear The Wind Sing”, a track that creates a great harmony of violin strings and soothing melodies. The lyrics of this refreshing song involves a girl who wishes the wind to carry her to her loving boyfriend. The juxtaposition of strings and electronic music, together with the beautiful vocals showcased definitely makes this the most refreshing song to listen to in this mini-album.

Author rating: 8/10


The title track has definitely earn its title of being the catchiest track of the album. It contains a powerful message of a girl trying to capture her crush’s love by aiming for his heart, accompanied by the catchy phrase “Tang Tang Tang”. The strong and exciting feeling that this song brings will always leave you wanting more.

Author rating: 8.5/10

비행운: 飛行雲(Contrail)

Just like how clouds gather at the tail of an airplane, Contrail talks about love gathering in your heart when you are in love. Although it isn’t your typical catchy kpop track, nor does it have an extremely beautiful melody, the alternation between major and minor chords makes this track a very enjoyable and fun ride.

Author rating: 7.5/10

나의 지구를 지켜줘 (Please Save My Earth)

This track is composed by composer team Mio, which wrote Mermaid for GFRIEND during the Navillera era. This track showcases a great harmony of strings and a sentimental melody, while the sad vocals create a slightly mysterious atmosphere. Although this song has a nice melody at the beginning and is quite relaxing to listen to, it lacks a memorable melody and doesn’t seem to have a clear direction in where it is progressing to. The melody doesn’t have much feeling in it and lyrics also gets quite repetitive near the end, making it sound somewhat mundane and boring.

Author rating: 6/10

봄비 (Rain In The Spring Time)

Easily my favourite song in the album, Rain In The Spring Time is a slow and soothing track that draws a lot of resemblance from songs in their previous albums, such as Mermaid and Rough. The song creates an image of a girl looking out the window at the spring rain, thinking of the person she loves and remembering all the good times that they had together. This track is exactly what the previous song failed to achieve and has one of the most beautiful melodies in GFRIEND’s discography.

Author rating: 9/10


핑 (Crush)

The song is based on the rhythm of the swingbeat genre, containing rhythmical melody, string sessions and strong vocals. It describes the dizziness of a girl and her fluttering heart when thinking about her first crush. Similar to Contrail, the upbeat and creative style of the song makes it exciting to listen to.

Author rating: 7.5/10


Other than the 6 songs, the album also comes with a poster and 2 random photo-cards, in which I obtained one for Yerin and one for Sowon. The outfits and pictures are generally really nice and I’m pretty satisfied with this mini-album overall. Hence, I give this album an overall rating of 8/10.

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