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Ha Min Ho (Rank 47) is leaving ‘Produce 101’ and ends contract with his label

Ha Min Ho, rank 47, a trainee from The Vibe Label is leaving ‘Produce 101’.



Ha Min Ho was accused of sexually harassing minors through Instagram.

And here is the official statement from the Vibe Label:


Hello, this is The Vibe Label.

We are writing to let you know about trainee Ha Min Ho, who is currently on ‘Produce 101’ season 2.

First of all, we apologize to the fans who love and support ‘Produce 101’ season 2, and to the trainees and staff of the show.

We also apologize deeply to the people who Ha Min Ho hurt.

With this situation, we talked to Ha Min Ho himself, and decided that he would be leaving ‘Produce 101’, and cancelling his contract with the label.

Ha Min Ho is also deeply regretting causing a controversy as a trainee, but we want to let you know that changing his name to Yu Seon Ho was not to imitate the Cube Entertainment trainee, but his friend by the same name. It’s a misunderstanding that occured while joking with his friends.

From now on, The Vibe Label will take care of our remaining trainees (Kim Tae Dong, Sung Hyun Woo) so that this does not happen, and we apologize once again to everyone who was hurt by this situation.

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