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Kang Daniel(Rank 5) apologizes for his actions

Kang Daniel, rank 5, is accused for cheating.


Unlike the previous season of ‘Produce 101 season 1’, in the ‘Produce 101 season 2’, the national producers are given with the chance to match trainees with the concept songs. Songs will be assigned to the trainees according to the number of votes; where the trainees has no right nor power to influence the decision of the national producers. However, Kang Daniel was accused of cheating.

It all started with a fan who wrote “Daniel Kang, look at this. Increase the number of cats for the song number you want.” in the DC inside Daniel gallery.


He changed the number of cats to 4 (Title of the song: Never by Deep House)

This had created a controversy among ‘Produce 101’ fans. Daniel changed his emotion once again and change the whole profile message and said “I will think more on my actions from now on. I am sorry”. The account was converted into a private, then its now open again with deleted ‘a profile message apology’.

Whole trainees from ‘Produce 101’ are not allowed to use their SNS during the competitions. Moreover, Daniel was taking an unfair advantage by influencing the national producers to vote for his favorite concept song.

National producers even pointed out that ‘there are other trainees on Instagram that have been following the rules, and also that other trainees must also have songs they prefer but are staying quiet.’ Thus expecting and demanding some sort of action from Mnet on what happened.




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