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FTISLAND’s 10 year anniversary MV ‘Wind’ is out now!

It has been an incredible 10 years for the talented FTISLAND, which is a band that debuted in 2007 with ‘Love Sick’ under FNC Entertainment. Their mentality of “We never settled and always strived to make changes. We weren’t afraid of these changes which is why we were able to make it this far.” has allowed them to produce music that continuously captures the hearts of ‘Primadonna’ fans throughout the years, which varied from melodic ballad tunes such as ‘Severely’ to incredible hard rock music such as ‘Pray’.

‘Wind’ takes on the style of an emotional rock ballad, starting off with the soothing and sentimental piano tune and slowly transitions into a rock ballad as the song progresses. Lee HongKi, the main vocalist for FTISLAND, once again demonstrates his unique husky, yet powerful and emotional voice in this beautiful track. Enjoy this extraordinary MV below! Don’t forget to also check out the remake of their debut song ‘Love Sick’!

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